Day ONE: BlogTemberChallenge


Afrobloggers challenge Blogteember

Hello September…..

Are you ready for the Afrobloggers #BlogTemberChallenge?

The Theme Today: introduce yourselves, your blogs & blogging journey, where you hail from……

Afrobloggers is a space created for The World to meet African Bloggers.

African Story told
tell your story

It’s a network to connect African Creatives and help bloggers both new and old to grow, not only in their reach and audience but also writing.

The general theme of September is #MyAfricaMyWords and we hope bloggers will be sharing stories that help us better understand their worlds.

Who is Afrobloggers?

Afrobloggers is made up of an admin team who work tirelessly behind the scenes to keep this space interactive and engaging. We hail from all corners of the continent, and you can think of us as “five mini robots that come together to form a  bigger robot…..

If you have completed your day one post please share your link in the comments section below, or ping back to this post.

Please Note: We encourage blogger community building, so when your share your link also check out, share and interact with, at the very least one other blogger, who has also shared their post here…….

If you don’t support your fellow blogger who do you expect to support you? *end rant*

Let The BlogTemberChallenge begin!!!!!

My words my africa

You can find The themes for the day  here