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Just to keep the blogging scene alive and interactive……

one of the questions we get frequently asked is how does one get an audience for their posts.

Its fairly easy the people most likely to read your blog are bloggers just like you… if you read others they will read you back its a fair trade….

Add to the comments a link to a blog post you want people to read, and then read and comment on at least two links you find in the comments below and for every person who comments on your post go to their blog and read and comment at least one post….

Simple enough right? Lets Go #GainWithAfroDriveTrain

This is the #AfroDriveTrain and we will be doing it every Wednesday





Day 23 #BlogTemberChallenge

Day 23 Hair Today Gone tomorrow

Thoughts on your hair, to go natural or not… How  much does your hair define you?


My words my africa


below are some links to check out….

I am not my hair, or maybe I am

of my hair

On Hair Again; why yo mama is the hobo

Who are you to police my black hair?

Inwele Zakhe HerStory

How not to be that person: Natural Hair Edition

Day 20 #blogtemberchallenge

Day 20 confessions


what do you have to confess? We promise we can keep a secret….

ping back or comment below with a link to your post

My words my africa




remember one of the main aspects of this challenge is not just to blog more, but network gain an audience  and a support system…. so meet a new friend today


Day 15 #BlogTemberChallenge

Day 15 HalfWay Musings

We are halfway there:

How has your journey been like so far?

Are you still in? Are you struggling…. ? Any tips to share? How is it so far?

My words my africa

We have seen so many wonderful creatives from across Africa you can check out a few below:

Dorel from Burundi

Shelley from Cape Town

Nana Asabre from Ghana

Yoyo from Nigeria

Are you thinking its too late to start, its You can start even now we have Marcia from Zimbabwe who recently started and is playing catch up.

You can find other posts by checking on this hashtag #BlogTemberChallenge and  #30DayAfriblogger 

We encourage you to interact, and share support your fellow blogger make a new friend even….



Day 12 #BlogTemberChallenge

Day 12 Skin Deep

Conversations on beauty, conventions, make up and fashion.

Share your thougths, how comfortable are you in your own skin?

My words my africa




Share your posts, comment or pingback

Have a look at some of these posts below

Beauty has no skin tone – Makupsy

My Thoughts on Colourism – Quarter Wife

Colourism – Zimsphere



Day 11 #BlogTemberChallenge

Day 11 Tying The knot

What are weddings and wedding customs in your country like….

Views on weddings in general… do you look forward to one, did you look forward to yours?

My words my africa




Check out the hashtags #30DayAfriblogger #BlogTemberChallenge interact drop a link encourage support…….