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BlogTemberChallenge Africa: Stories From Home

Hello September Are you ready for a blog everyday challenge? Of course you are not, no one ever is, if it was something easy to do we would not call a challenge right, so issa challenge. September is Africa month, its Africa month every month but September we choose to celebrate the best way we know how, through the stories we share. The theme for … Continue reading BlogTemberChallenge Africa: Stories From Home

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Afrobloggers #SundayTakeover

Afrobloggers #SundayTakeover On Sundays, we let a guest blogger TAKEOVER our twitter account @Afrobloggers from between 9am-9pm CAT (Central African Time) On Sundays we let a guest take over this account to and experience for themselves the awesome community we have if you would like to be part of this experience please enquire within SundayGuestTakeOver~B — Afrobloggers (@AfroBloggers) May 27, 2018 Yes you read correct … Continue reading Afrobloggers #SundayTakeover

Afrobloggers Blogging Survey

Afrobloggers Bloggers Survey We had an interesting survey on twitter when we asked the question if blogging were an expensive hobby…. Blogging an expensive hobby ~B — Afrobloggers (@AfroBloggers) July 26, 2017 It was a baited question because we strongly believe (yes, it might be expensive depending on how you get your internet connection) blogging has more potential than just being a hobby…. Blogging is … Continue reading Afrobloggers Blogging Survey

AfroBloggers #FeatureThursdays – El Amanya

Ugandan Blogger Amanya adamantly proclaims that his secret for blog success is writing about the one thing that everybody relates to … love! He regards himself as an endlessly flowing natural who has a unique way of writing. He shares his blogging journey and the discipline that has helped him become a better writer even though he is self taught What’s the best thing a … Continue reading AfroBloggers #FeatureThursdays – El Amanya