Afrobloggers Blogging Survey

Afrobloggers Bloggers Survey

We had an interesting survey on twitter when we asked the question if blogging were an expensive hobby….

It was a baited question because we strongly believe (yes, it might be expensive depending on how you get your internet connection) blogging has more potential than just being a hobby…. Blogging is a powerful tool, redefining journalism, politics, culture, health, fitness, fashion, lifestyle, you name it, mainstream media houses will never be the same…… and like any tool there is a right way and wrong way of using it……

We have a few questions we hope you would take the time to answer below; or in a post of your own.

  1. How long have you been running your current blog(s) for?
  2. What is the purpose of your blog?
  3. How many blogs do you follow?
  4. How frequently do you post on your blog and how do you share your posts, to reach an audience?
  5. Do you have any writing rituals? A particular time you write, music you listen to, quirky habits to get in the zone?
  6. Do you have a special time set aside for blogging related activities, or whenever you whenever you get a moment and internet
  7. How often do you check on your blog?
  8. Laptop or phone?
  9.  Do you take the time to read and discover new blogs? How much time do you spend reading other blogs?
  10. How much internet data do you use in a typical day or week. (is it personal, school or work internet? Wifi or mobile data)
  11. Bonus Question: If your blog were a movie which one would it be?

we asked some of these questions on our Creative Wednesday Sessions


here are some of the answers randomly picked


If your blog were a movie which one would it be…….

NOTE: If you participate in this survey on your blog kindly add a link to this post on your blog; so that we can find you.



1. Who is Toscie?
Toscie is me, Tendai Kamusikiri. It is my one and only nickname since the age of 12. It
represents a lot of my personality and character that I carry with me in my heart Continue reading



  1. Who is B?

B is this crazy guy who writes down all the thoughts I am afraid to say out loud. Thoughts if spoken out loud would make people look at me like guy you need your head examined. If you must know I had my head examined just this morning, I looked in the mirror and it looked darn fine (to me anyway) Continue reading


Q1. Tell us a bit about yourself

I was born and raised in Accra, Ghana. I’ve always loved reading, but I never wrote anything until age 14 when I began to write a few short stories. I studied Economics at the University, but I now pursue a passion for writing.

The first poem I wrote was ‘morally wrong’. I still cannot bring myself to recollect the erotic words of Climax, but that was what broke the ice for me. I found my voice in poetry, and this is what I love to write/blog about now. Continue reading