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  A latte Sunshine Zambian personal blog. Life from my point of view. Places I see, faces I meet, lessons I learn and everything in between.
  A Well Heeled Woman Named after my love of beautiful high heeled shoes, and how these contribute to my feeling good about being a woman. I love parenting, fashion, beauty, travel, making good food and entertaining family friends.
Africa Blogging An online platform featuring a plurality of voices and views supporting democratic culture and debate in Sub-Saharan Africa.
Africa’s economics and other crimesPolitics and economics in Southern Africa with a focus on Zimbabwe..
Africa on the RiseA blog that is providing the continent of Africa and the rest of the world with a different view of Africa and Africans. It is succeeding in inspiring more people to get involved in the renaissance of Africa.
African Print In FashionDiscover contemporary African Print Fashion trends from this blog by a Ghanaian in the Diaspora.
Abyssinian NomadAn Ethiopian blogger shares her travel experiences. She once traveled from Cape to Cairo using various modes of transport for 9 months.
Almost poeticA tumblr poetry blog:
My heart bleeds inked clots of thoughts only blank pages understand.
  Alex MagaisaA Zimbabwean Lawyer shares cutting edge analysis and critical insights into Zimbabwean law and politics
  Ambitious AfricanFrom Zimbabwe these are the musings of an African child. Discussing politics, book reviews and anything African
  Avec Elle -Little pieces of Life A personal blog  
Austin Madinga’s Life UnboundAustin takes you on a review journey of different Malawian issues. From Entrepreneurship to saving the environment and travel reviews, this is a blog with Malawi at heart.
  BayimbaBayimba is a multiple-branched organization that focuses on uplifting arts and culture in Uganda through cultural exchange and creativity.
Beautiful MessA journey of expression where, a young black South African woman, shares long and short tales from some of her life experiences. 
  Becoming An AfricanA Kenyan blogger explores what it means to be African away from Africa.
  Becoming The MuseI am not the words i write nor the thoughts i share but with each letter i am becoming me. A blog from Zimbabwe.
Being DifferentPersonal blog from Ghana. Share love for creative writing; thoughts on certain social issues; experiences and lessons; discoveries about God and self; and help promote literary works and other creatives.
  BlazeyBlazeExplore the world of Reggae with a Ugandan blogger.
  Blue Short PantsA humorous Blogger from Namibia takes us down memory lane reflecting on His personal life . P/s don’t open link if you are allergic to lovely colorful doodles.
  Bird ViewPersonal Blog from Uganda .Loves God, music and laughter. Teacher of English and Literature. Reads to hide from the real world. Writes to bring herself back. 
Bits Of Many StoriesUgandan blog on personal musings, reflections and stories.
Bonnita on SafariA Kenyan Travel and Safari blog
Caffeine and Fairy dustA personal South African parenting and lifestyle blog.
  Caroo Makeup A South African beauty,fashion and lifestyle blog
  Ceeces Travel BlogAn award winning South African travel and lifestyle blog
  Cixteen Forever BlogA personal blog from Nigeria. Cixteen forever wants you to see yourself as a young person who isn’t tired of learning new things,acquiring  knowledge with each passing day.
  Chic About TownFrom Tanzania Biche, gives us an East African travel guide
  Chipo AutumnI travel primarily around Zambia and I write about experiences. I am interested in History and national monuments.
  Chubbee Cheekss uncensored  A blog to inspire from personal life lessons,and experiences.
CircumspecteAn all round digital platform that offers meaningful insights, interaction and inspiring creative action for and by Africans

Crooked Lanes
A concept blog by Zimbabwean journalist Tatenda Kanengoni, working with a team of contributors to tell authentic stories through diverse mediums.
  Chronicles of Tendai   From Zimbabwe a travel blogger with a limited budget and His two feet shares each journey’s experience
Dagny Zenovia   Dagny Zenovia is a self development blog that empowers, inspires, and entertains.
Diary of an African BelleDiary of a fabulous diva and her everyday experiences and expectations.
Diary of a Muzungu   Celebrates life in Uganda and travel experiences in East Africak.
  Diaries of our Cameroonian youthsA blog in french on Cameroonian Youths issues
  Dynamic AfricaA pan African Cultural Blog with a Contemporary focus
  Eli SabblahA christian blog dwelling on biblical dialogue and reflections. You find articles, short stories and spoken word poetry; hopefully one of these genres will appeal to you  
  Everything and Nothing Ugandan personal blog. I can’t seem to pick a category to focus my writing because I am not big on boxes, so for now I write about everything and nothing, whenever & wherever the inspiration hits.
  Fabs Culture A Ugandan Doctor of Pharmacy based in Texas shares a description of entertainment with a twist of African Culture, for the love of Fashion,beauty,art and laughter. 
Feeling StationA personal Blog from Zimbabwe. She takes you on a journey into her feelings about many things without mincing any words.
  Frankie And BrenA Kenyan interior designer takes you on an exciting interior decor adventure, to inspire and offer useful tips to the laymen.
`Fungai NeniA Zimbabwean blog featuring commentaries, reviews, essays, literature, interviews, talks and news intended for politically and socially conscious Africans, and diasporic Africans, with interests in pan-African issues, feminism, arts, culture and politics.
Hallelujah MagHallelujah Mag is a Zimbabwean digital magazine that provides thought-provoking commentary and news from an array of Christian perspectives.
  In Her ThoughtsA clean and simple blog, enjoyable to read from a Zimbabwean writer who shares poetry and prose, reflections from her personal life.
Joseyphina’s WorldA Ghanaian personal hub of creative stories, articles and poems for your reading pleasure.
Les Gourmandises DeThe daily life of a Senegalese woman who loves to eat and make food. Discover awesome recipes from this food blog.
Madeline Wilson OjoA personal Lifestyle blog focusing on books, communication and life. Madeline is from Ghana but stays in London.
Mamma Chef JoziA south African food and drink blog. An inexperienced mum shares here cooking expeds and recipes from her home.
  Mind of a Boyfriend Thoughts, ideas, topics and perspectives about social interactions from the viewpoint of men. The end goal is to make men better brothers, sons, fathers above all better partners.
Mummy TalesA Kenyan Blog designed to help young mothers on the journey of motherhood.
Naa Oyoo QuarteyA Ghanaian personal lifestyle blog. Focus on Food and drink, Entertainment, tech and trends in Ghana.
Nigerian Health WatchThrough its various platforms, Nigeria Health Watch provides informed commentary and in-depth analysis of health issues in Nigeria, always in good conscience.
Review With Nashe A personal blogger from Zimbabwe shares fantasy, science fiction, mystery, and thrillers. Throws in reviews and opinion articles on Southern Africa current affairs.
Sahel BlogSahel Blog analyzes news about religion and politics in the Sahel region and the Horn of Africa. The blog pays particular attention to elections, protests, violent movements, and religious debates.
Taylor ChiyangwaA blog about digital marketing and online entrepreneurship. Its mission is to change the narrative of online entrepreneurship in Africa.
  TechTrends ZambiaTech news and innovations focusing on the nation of Zambia.
  TechZim An information technology and business publication that obsesses about the opportunity of tech particularly the internet for individuals and businesses in Zimbabwe and the greater African region.
The Hands of A lonely BoyA Ghanaian poetry blog.The poet has amazingly mastered the use of imagery to bring his poems to life. 
  The Social CraziesKenyan personal blog on musings,poetry and short stories
World Of NkA Personal Blog that focuses on Senegalese society and culture whilst aiming to give woman a voice.
  You Baby and I You, Baby and I is a South African blog about a journey through motherhood and the little bumps on the way. The aim of the blog is to share real stories, connect moms to amazing brands and get the conversation going.
  Yo MzansiAn award winning South African entertainment blog.

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5 thoughts on “African Bloggers Directory

  1. I started this blog because I wanted to share my love for books and my thoughts about what I’m reading and experiencing to anyone interested.

    I am particularly fond of fantasy, science fiction, mystery, and thrillers, in no particular order. There is also a special place in my heart for stories about loyalty, and those that revolve around history, peace, and reconciliation. And yes, well, I will pick up anything that catches my interest (this is where images and news articles come in).

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  2. Hallelujah Mag is a Zimbabwean digital magazine that provides thought-provoking commentary and news from an array of Christian perspectives.

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