Afrobloggers Wednesday Evening Poetry 17-01-18

Every Wednesday evening Afrobloggers hosts a poetry session on our timeline.

The poetry tweets a hashtagged #AbWPE

last night the poetry was unprompted and unthemed:


Afrobloggers Wednesday Poetry Evening 10-01-18

Every Wednesday we host a poetry session on our timeline hashtagged #AbWPE

Last night the prompt was derived from a tweet

here are tweets from our twitter Timeline:

AfroDrive Train

Hello Bloggers

Just to keep the blogging scene alive and interactive……

one of the questions we get frequently asked is how does one get an audience for their posts.

Its fairly easy the people most likely to read your blog are bloggers just like you… if you read others they will read you back its a fair trade….

Add to the comments a link to a blog post you want people to read, and then read and comment on at least two links you find in the comments below and for every person who comments on your post go to their blog and read and comment at least one post….

Simple enough right? Lets Go #GainWithAfroDriveTrain

This is the #AfroDriveTrain and we will be doing it every Wednesday




Afrobloggers Wednesday Poetry Evening 18-10-17

Wednesday Nights are poetry nights: Afrobloggers Wednesday Poetry Evening; hosted on twitter and tagged #AbWPE

Last night we tried a novelty; poetic memes. As suggested by our good friend @eksmiff of She Leads Africa  to use memes as poetic prompts…. below is a Twitter Moment of tweets from last night’s poetry session.